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Asker Anonymous Asks:
When I call in for an interview at a club, do I use my real name or my club name? Also, when is it appropriate to use my real name? (with co-workers, managers, etc)
strippr strippr Said:

After you’re hired, your real name is pretty much irrelevant at most clubs. I call my coworkers things like “Dreamy” and “Lexus,” because keeping two sets of names straight for each of the 150+ regular dancers at my club would be impossible.

When you call, use your legal first name if it’s needed. If not, they’ll scan your ID, ask your stage name, and you’ll forever be “[Stage Name].”

I don’t recommend telling customers your legal name (or that your stage name is your legal name) because you start losing anonymity. Being anonymous helps to keep you safe.

Good luck.

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