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People on Sniffers' Row

If you do not have the permission of a sex worker (stripper, prostitute, cam girl, escort, porn performer, and others working in the sex industry) — DO NOT POST THE PHOTO.

  1. You could be endangering the person’s safety. Sex workers often have problems with stalkers, and putting an image of them on the internet that may show details about which club they’re working in, where they are in their off hours, or other private details can cause him/her serious issues.
  2. You might be “outing” the sex worker to friends, family,¬†colleagues (some have multiple jobs), and future employers.¬†
  3. We don’t take or post pictures of you getting a lapdance or enjoying yourself in a hotel on your wife’s Facebook. Please don’t put our images online.
  4. It is against the rules of most clubs to photograph the dancers, and you can be thrown out (sometimes with much force, or after breaking your phone!) for doing so in many places. It’s also illegal, in many states, to record an encounter without all parties knowing. Bottom line: this isn’t in your best interest, either.
  5. If you’d like to take a photo of the person, ask if you can and if you can post that photo to an online blog, just like you’d do in any other situation. It’s that simple.

Feel free to add to this as you see fit. I’ve been seeing far too many photos under the “stripper” tag that appear to be photos taken in clubs without the dancers’ consent.

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