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People on Sniffers' Row

I realized today that I’ve been running very “happily.” I’m running without injury, pain, difficulty, or just general unhappiness/lack of desire. And I’m running so much more.

I tackled 10mi of long, steep hills the other night in 90F-degree humid heat. Yesterday, an easy 3.5mi hike through some “gently rolling” trails. Today, a leisurely 3.5mi on trails—and I was so very tempted to jump off the deep end and run 5mi more, despite the 90+ degree heat.

I’m using an 18-week plan from a local running group to prepare for my first marathon, because it’s my first and I’d be furious if I couldn’t finish the race. The plan is sound and sane (appropriate rest, reasonable build rate, step-back weeks occasionally, midweek as well as long run distance increases), but right now, it feels easy. I’m considering bumping my mileage a little. Not enough to overdo it, but enough to make it feel something like training and less easy.

I’m running up and down steep hills for fun. I’m running trails with not-so-easy terrain and finding a nice pace. I’m running in triple-digit heat indices with heat advisories from the weather service. And I feel not only fine, but like it’s too easy. I should probably go back to work just for the cross-training and to wear myself out. At least stripping wears me out.

Assuming I make it through the marathon just fine, I think I’ll start putting myself on a sane path to try some “shorter” ultramarathons.

I wonder whether there are any stripper/marathoners? Any stripper/ultramarathoners?

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