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People on Sniffers' Row

Well. Today sucked.

Took Puppy Tiger to the vet, and found out she’s sick with Coccidia. She’s been miserable today and yesterday, and today, her fever kept her sleeping almost all day. Poor thing feels so terrible, and I can’t do anything except give the medicine and snuggle her.

The boyfriend dumped me via email (email, really? I still can’t believe I actually got dumped via email), and unfriended and blocked me on Facebook, within one hour today. It was WEIRD. For like a month, he’s been telling me all of the reasons I was (apparently) pushing him away, (apparently) not interested in him (news to me!)…without believing or caring what I had to say on the matter. And he so convinced himself of this, that he dumped me in a frenzy of crazytalk tonight. The emails were even addressed and written formally…as though maybe I was a failed business venture instead of a girlfriend. 

I’m hurt.

Well. I guess at least I’ve learned three important lessons: men really can’t be trusted with money, I don’t put out often enough, and being wary of going headfirst into relationships is actually a good call.

Because of ex-boyfriend shit, wound up cracking open a few beers (I’m pretty sure the no-alcohol rule is lifted for the night of a break-up…right?) and eating an entire package of popcorn (pretty sure that rule isn’t lifted, no matter what).

At least I can say whatever I want here, now.

My trainer is out with an eye thing, and I had to get the lawn mowed before sunset or more rain, so I missed running today, too. Hopped up on my pole for awhile and figured out the superman to inside leg-hang…finally. The picture is of a simple shoulder mount transition (hi, triceps!), but that’s the only decent photo that took on the timer today. Fury does wonders for my pole work, I guess.

So, I’ve managed to cram about 1300 “good” calories in my face today, and probably—minimum—another 700-800 in fucking junk food in my face today. Too old and too reformed to bother making it come back up, so, here I am. After having lost weight daily over the past 7 days, I’ll surely have gained something tomorrow and have to hang my head in shame, run extra miles, and put in time on weights at the gym, before heading to work. I hope burning it all off fixes it.

I hope.

I hope I didn’t just screw up everything I’ve been working on for two weeks.

I’m letting puppy cuddle in my bed for awhile tonight instead of sending her straight to her kennel. She’s sad, I’m sad; she’s sick, I’m heartsick; she needs a cuddlebuddy and so do I. Cross your fingers I don’t wake up to poop in my bed.

  1. bonerack said: I’m sorry things are so shitty, pretty. :( -Hugs.- You stay fierce.
  2. dresdenlowe said: Wow, your ex is so bad at confrontation he had to email you? Poor form. I hope you feel better, and I hope you don’t wake up to poop in your bed.
  3. yvonensadultsleepover said: Sending love. <3
  4. heroin-e said: :( <3<3<3 sending good vibes
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